1) What types of ads can I post on the North Law Classifieds Web site?
You can post ads in the following categories:

A) To Offer a Position (use if you want to post a position for hire)
B) To Seek a Position (use if you are looking for work and want to post your résumé for hiring
     or HR managers to view)
C) To Offer Professional Services (use if you have a law-related service to offer-
     areas of expertise include: attorney, court reporter, investigator, process server and technician)
D) To Sell/Lease Office Space (use if you want to post office space to sell or to lease)
E) Post and event (use to post a law-related conference or event)

2) How is the site structured?
    The site is structured by state. You can see which state your ad will be posted in by looking
    at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you want to post an ad in a state other than the
    one in which you are in, simply choose the new state in the drop down menu labeled “Select
    Other State.” You can do this from the North Law Classifieds homepage, or from any of the   
    interfaces that allow you to post ads.

3) I notice that the introductory offer provides me with six free ads. How long is this offer

    The introductory offer provides you with six free ads that are deposited into your account as
    soon as you register. Each of these ads will run for a month. You must use these ads by
    March 31, 2010. In addition to using your free ads, you always have the option of purchasing
    add packages as well.

4) How do I manage my account?
    You can manage your account by visiting the “My Account” section of the Web page, located
    in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  The “My Account” section allows you to:
    A) View and change your profile
    B) View ad packages you have purchased and view ads you have posted
    C) Buy additional ad packages
    D) Post ads
    E) Edit existing ads

5) If I do choose to purchase new ad packages, what type of options do I have for payment?
    A) You can pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover)
    B) You can pay using Paypal
    C) You can use the “Bill Me Later” function and be billed by regular mail
         All transactions are secure

6) Will I be notified when I purchase an advertising package?
     Yes, you will receive an e-mail that notifies you of the type of ad package you purchased and
     provides you with a record of your payment.

7) How can I be sure that my ad has been posted?
    You can be sure your ad has been posted by returning to the home page of the state in which
    you posted the ad and looking through the category that corresponds to the ad that you posted.
    A) If you posted a “To Offer a Position” ad, look under “View Positions Offered”
    B) If you posted a “To Seek a Position” ad, look under “View Positions Sought”
    C) If you posted a “To Offer Professional Services” ad, look under “Find a Professional”
    D) If you posted a “To Sell/Lease Office Space” ad, look under “Buy/Lease Office Space”
    E) If you posted an event, look in the calendar on the date for which you posted the ad by
        using the “View Event Calendar” function.
8) How can I view ads that have been posted across multiple states?
    You can search ads across multiple states by using the advanced search function located under
    the “View Positions Offered,” “View Positions Sought,” “Find a Professional”
    “Buy/Lease Office Space” categories.

9) How do I know that I am logged into my account?
    You will know that you are logged into your account if your account name appears in the
    upper right-hand corner of the screen, next to the words “My Account”

10) How can interested parties respond to my ad?
      You choose how interested parties respond to your ad when you post it. They can either
      respond directly to an e-mail address that you supply; they can respond through an
      anonymous e-mail address that is generated through the North Law Classifieds site, or theay
      can respond through an e-mail address or phone number that you include directly in your ad.

11) How can I contact North Law Classifieds if I have questions or I need help?
      You can contact us by phone during regular business hours, 9:30 a.m. -
      5:30 p.m. EST at 646-368-6328 or at: info@northlawclassifieds.com